On every girls pre vacation to-do list is a spray tan.  I am all for a spray tan if you are off to Vegas for the weekend or a quick weekend bachelorette but what do you do for the week long vacation or if you are on a budget?  Well, here are my tips and tricks for maintaining a tan for longer vacation.

If you have the budget, I suggest a professional spray tan to kick off the week vacation.  From there, I suggest purchasing the St. Tropez Bon Voyage Kit.  This kit has all the tanning essentials.  From tanning body mousse (which looks natural and just like a professional tan), to a gradual tinted tanning lotion to help maintain your tan throughout the week, to even a one night only gloss (which is great for the quick tanning touch up before a dinner).

The longest lasting tan is from the mousse.  All you have to do is shower and shave.  Dry off your skin entirely and then apply the mousse.  The mousse comes with a hand mitt in which you apply the mousse onto and then rub generously on your body.  For best results I do this naked and cover my entire body.  I find when I just use the mousse on my arms or legs it ends up looking obviously fake in comparison to the rest of my body.

A great drug store option for tanning is Jergens.  I swear by their tanning products and get the most natural results with  the gradual tanning lotion.  The best part about the gradual tanning lotion is it’s something you can do at home, all summer, to maintain a tan look regardless of how much sun you are able to get.  The smell is not my favorite but it works!

When it comes to  self tanners whether it be lotion or mousse, always apply them after a shower and nude.  The nude, is so that you cover your entire body and don’t end up with weird lines or orange clothes.  Also, when your skin is clean and dry it absorbs the tanning product and it also applies more evenly.  Which is also why, when you rub in the lotions or mousse hang out for a bit to let it dry and sink in.  I usually wont shower again for another 8 hours or so to make sure it has time to work it’s magic.  After that you are good to go!  It’s also important to remember that even when you have a spray tan, or  an at home tan, it’s important to still wear sunscreen.  The beauty of a fake tan is you can apply all the sunscreen in the world to protect yourself from the sun, but still look tan!