This past Labor Day Weekend, I was fortunate enough to head to the family Lake House for the last vacation of summer. There is nothing better than hanging with friends, family, and the pups.

I have been going here since I was born and I have a pretty simple morning routine:

1) roll out of bed

2) put on my bathing suit

3) grab a cup of coffee and a towel and walk down to the dock.

Once I’m on the dock I just sit and sip my coffee staring out to a view that I have memorized in my brain.  This routine is such a habitual thing for me to do, that it dawned on me this trip, that I am often feeling so much gratitude in these moments. From the littlest sensations to the biggest concepts I am sitting there giving thanks. No wonder I always feel so good about life in this place! No wonder why my heart is always full when I am there! I am starting every morning off with a moment of gratitude.

I caught myself feeling gratitude over the simplest thing. I was thinking, “I am so lucky I can jump in this water and get cold, and then jump out and sip hot coffee.” How simple is that? I was just thinking about the simple task and sensations of jumping in the water and sipping coffee and how full and happy that makes me feel. With that grateful thought, I would start my day off on the right foot.

So the question is, how can I, or you, or anybody, incorporate this into their everyday life when you have deadlines, and errands, and commitments?  So I started thinking.  In my yoga certification we had a grateful journal, and every day we had to write three things we were grateful for and then share it with the class. I did find the act of sharing with the class gave that extra “umph” of really feeling the gratitude. At all of our retreats we give the retreat goers a thankful journal for them to write their three things they are grateful for every morning… and that always shifts the energy… but outside of these steps how do you make the attitude of gratitude habitual?

Tips to live a life of Gratitude:

  • Get a life coach. I am not jus saying this because I am a life coach. I’m saying this because what you are trying to do is change your habits. That’s hard, that’s like quitting something addictive like cigarettes. You have to change your mind, and the things around you. It is easier to identify how to make those changes when you have someone by your side helping you figure it out. You will also have someone there holding you accountable, which always helps!


  • There is this exercise where you bring a notebook around with you. You start with the top three things that you are grateful for in that moment of waking up and, as the day goes on, you cross out something and replace it with something greater. This exercise trains you to be aware of gratitude throughout the day, not just starting the day with gratitude.


  • Here’s a hard one, but makes a huge difference. Change the people you hang out with. It’s hard to stay grateful when you are around people who are negative or unaware of the wonderful things around them. Energy is contagious so be aware of the people around you and how they make you feel. Do you walk away feeling lifted, stronger, better, grateful? Or do you walk away feeling down, negative, unhappy, or relieved you have left them?


  • Figure out what it is that makes you feel that moment of gratitude and do that! For instance, our podcast guest Molly, said she walks the dog every morning. She loves it because she feels gratitude spending time with him, and starting her day with movement, so she does that! What is it for you? Sipping coffee alone before the day starts, a morning workout, a yummy breakfast, a reading session with your favorite book? What is that moment you love and cherish and in turn makes you feel grateful?

The best part of changing your attitude to gratitude is how it trickles in to other aspects of your life and starts to change the way you see the world. If you need a kick-start to changing your attitude to gratitude please reach out. My first life coaching session is always complimentary and we can get you on the right track!