Don’t get me wrong; there are times when a resort hotel is the way to go. There’s nothing better than staying in a nice hotel, with room service, pool service, and a nice concierge helping you with your every need. With that said, there are some great times to get yourself an Airbnb. (I would also like to note when I say Airbnb I am referring to Airbnb, VRBO, and all the other services out there).

Reason #1

You have an overnight stay in a city before flying off to the next.  This is when you get a quick, easy, cheap Airbnb.  May I also add this is a nice option for the gal that doesn’t do hostels (because that is often me).  At this point all you need is a place to lay your head and perhaps grab a bite. Save your money for the final destination, and grab an Airbnb.

Reason #2

When you are vacationing in a city you want to get into the vibe of a city, into the culture, and feel the energy of it. If you are staying at a luxury hotel, how do you get to feel like you are apart of the city?  You are so clearly just living the tourist life.  Also, when you vacation in a city, you are almost never in your room. You are most likely site seeing, going to museums, and walking around trying new restaurants so why break the bank on an aspect of your trip you are spending no time using?  Get an Airbnb when you visit a city, it’s a must!  (Here are some pics of me and my sisters exploring the streets of Pari.  We were able to find a clean Airbnb right in the hustle and bustle of it all… It really added to our Parisian fantasy of living in this magical city).

Reason #3 (last but not least)

You have a big group and you are staying put. Vacationing with the family or friends is more about the fun things that happen when you are together. So why not get a house and do those family meals together, hang in a TV room, use the house pool and create that fun inclusive atmosphere?  (Here are some fun pics of the time me and my sisters took our dad to Salt Lake City Utah for a ski trip for his 60th birthday.  It was the perfect occassion for an Airbnb).

The beauty of the Airbnb’s of the world, is that you can now travel in new ways that fit your needs and budget.  MunSun Retreats is obviously a huge fan of travel and we really feel it helps people get outside of their heads and shine their brightest.  Having Airbnb as an option helps make it possible for more people to travel which is a wonderful thing.  Traveling expands your mind, helps you see things differently, understand and learn different cultures, and in turn makes us all more tolerable of things and people that are different than us.