I consider myself a packing pro (I have numerous Instagram stories about it, I have already written a blog post about it, and I have even done a podcast on my packing tips) but, as I embark on a 5 week summer travel adventure, my packing techniques are being challenged, and I can’t help but want to share my new tips and tricks!

First thing’s first, the bag!  I have received lots of questions about what type of suitcase to get.  I always recommend the Away Suitcase (shown and linked above).  The reason being is they have wheels that literally can go over anything and they don’t break.  I frequent Europe and there are cobble stone roads everywhere.  More often than not, I get stuck dragging my suitcase along and having durable wheels is so important.

The other thing about these suitcases is they have a nice lock on them and they are light.  Especially with a checked bag, and the weight limitations, it’s always nice to have a lighter suitcase so you can fit more items inside.  The other thing about the Away Suitcase is they somehow make it so you can actually fit more things into the suitcase.  I can’t explain how, but the way the middle divider straps down to one side, you can really fit in a lot of clothes!

This brings me to my other point.  I always check the Away Suitcase Medium Bag.  There are two reasons for this.  One, the weight limit that I just mentioned.  You only have 50lbs you can check without incurring charges.  The Medium Away Suitcase packed to the brim is about 50lbs.  If you had the larger suitcase you would surely go over the 50lbs.  So for this, I like the Medium bag and also knowing if I don’t have time to weigh the bag or a scale is not around,  that packed to the brim I will be at about 50lbs.  The other great reason I like the Medium is because even though I have to check a bag for my longer trips, I still like to pack light and have the easy mobility of just one suitcase and a purse.  So the Medium Away Suitcase is perfect for that.  It’s still small enough you can wheel it around easily.

My last point on The Medium Away Suitcase is my one and only complaint.  These suitcases are truly so durable you can throw them around and a dent wont be found BUT you will see the scuffs.  Away has so many fun, cute, playful colors that you can’t help but be drawn to them.  However, knowing that the checked bag will get thrown around underneath the cabin, I went for the navy blue hoping that would hide any of the scuffs, and alas that didn’t even help.  The bag is SO scuffed up.  I have friends and sisters with the white, the pink, the black, the tan, and they are all scuffed up.  It bothers me but that could be my OCD self.  If they could figure out a way to make these durable suitcases scuff free I would give it rave reviews.  However, that’s my only complaint so I still say it’s my go-to checked suitcase.

Now that we talked suitcase let’s talk actual packing.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  The way to pack light is to MAKE the time to pack strategically.  Take three hours and do it right.  I always suggest packing items that you can wear in different ways.  An outfit that can be a daytime cover up and later be a night out outfit.  My trick is to plan by day.  I lay out ALL the items for that outfit and day.  Once I have that outfit nailed I move to the next day, and look into the previous looks to see if I can re-use some items from the first look.

Doing this not only makes sure you don’t forget a thing (like sunglasses, the right undergarments, or a bag), but it also makes it super easy on your vacation.  Instead of spending time in the hotel room figuring out what to wear, you already have a rough outline of each of your outfits and what they are for.  You really can just grab and go!  It takes time before your vacation to plan all of this out but, on vacation you don’t have to stress about a thing.  I can’t suggest doing this enough.  My other reminder is to try to re-use items as you go through this process.  Grab the same pair of sunglasses for each look, re-use that dress just use different earrings to change up the look, etc.  You get the gist.

Now if you want to take things a step further.  Meaning you have the light suitcase, you have taken 3 hours to pack before your trip, you are re-using items throughout the trip to ensure you can pack light… the next best thing you can do is use packing cubes.  Now, truth be told, I do not use these.  I have one bag, within my suitcase, where I store my shoes.  Otherwise I have my toiletry bags and the suitcase compartments, and I feel organized enough.  However, I have a few MunSun guests that swear by the packing cubes.  So, I felt like I had to mention them.  The cubes are a great way to prevents your suitcase from exploding when you open it.  With that said, if you pack light, maybe you don’t need them?  I don’t know that’s just my take.  Anyways if you do use packing cubes please leave some comments about if you like them or not.  I’m interested to hear.

I will end this blog post with this simple saying “preparation saves you from perspiration”. Now I don’t know if that’s an actual saying but, I always have that in the back of my mind when I’m annoyed I have to take three hours out of my night to pack.  However, by taking the time to really think out what I need, I avoid over packing and being the sweaty girl lugging too many bags or I avoid looking like a hot mess when I have clothes that make no sense for the occasion.  My advice is take the time before the vacation so you can enjoy yourself on your travels.  Happy vacationing!