What is Reiki?

According to the google dictionary: It’s a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by the means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patients body, to restore physical and emotional well-being.

Still confuses you? Me too!

The woman I went to for my reading has a YouTube channel where she explains what Reiki is.  I would suggest watching it for more clarification.  The place I went to is called Diamond Mind Reiki and my practitioner was this women Erin Somerset.  Here is more of what she has to say:

I believe in a holistic approach to life- creating a mind, body, spirit balance through bodywork, energy work, diet and meditation. Healing the whole person for a healthy and abundant life full of love, joy and light. During a session, clients often experience a strong sense of clarity, emotional resolution and a restored energetic balance. It is not uncommon for clients to experience lasting relief from their physical dis-eases and ailments.

I mean how wonderful is that?  Now, I will walk you through what my experience was and if your still confused, take a leap of faith, and just go and try it out!

It's a Two Step Process

The first step is laying on the table and letting the practitioner do her thing.  She barely ever touches you but you feel so much, and that is the part that really threw me off.  I felt tingling, I felt warmth, I felt pins and needles, I felt cold, you name it I felt it.  All the while she was lightly touching me.  How nuts is that?

The second step is the reading after the treatment.  After the session she meets with you and gives you a reading on her findings.  She gave me a reading on my physical body and what she noticed, but she also gave me a reading on my soul, or spiritual self.  I obviously LOVED the spiritual part.  However, even if you aren’t into the hippie dippie spiritual stuff, the reading on the physical body was so interesting and pretty insightful.  When she told me a lot of my energy was going into my left hip, my jaw dropped.  I had surgery on my left hip years ago, and it still hurts when it rains.  I didn’t tell her prior to the reading about this issue or surgery, and yet she still could read that from barely touching me!

My Take-Away

I walked into the Reiki treatment not knowing anything about it.  I also just went in with an open mind but no expectations.  With that said, I had such a powerful experience and I am still feeling the aftermath effects from it a week later.

Here’s the back story, I was in LA for a bunch of reasons, one of which was a family wedding with some pretty tough circumstances (my uncle dying of cancer).  It was a last minute wedding as my cousin wanted his father there.  So needless to say there were a lot of emotions heading into the week.  That coupled, with the stresses of MunSun.  While in the grand scheme of things we are doing really well, I was starting to feel rundown, bogged down, and experiencing some self doubt.  Needless, to say, heading into the treatment I felt heavy, like a huge weight was on my shoulders.

Fast forward to after the Reiki treatment when Emily gave me a reading.  I got up form the table feeling groggy yet lighter.  Immediately lighter, she somehow had moved my energy around so that I sat up feeling more balanced.  That in itself was so helpful and grounding.  Then we sat down together and she gave me a reading.  After the physical reading she went into the spiritual reading.  She basically explained it as being able  to read what the true purpose and path is for your soul.  We then sat for an hour going through what angels came to her, what messages they passed on, and how to follow my destiny.  I wont get into the nitty gritty because it’s too long but,  I’ll tell you what,  I walked away feeling reconnected with my purpose.  It was like a light switch was turned on and I now know I am on the right path and have to continue to trust myself and the process.

Since that reading, I feel more in tune and connected with the universe, my soul, and my mission with MunSun.  Now, lets say you aren’t into the hippie part, that’s fine.  Removing that part I will tell you I still feel the effects.  My body is more fluid, my headaches are gone, I feel lighter and more connected to those around me.  I highly recommend Reiki.  It was so fun and interesting!

Life is all about trying new things even when it seems scary.  I am so glad I had faith in my friends recommendation and gave this a whirl.  You should try it too!