Majorca, Spain is high on my list of places to go back to. I went here with my two sisters for a yoga retreat. While the retreat was poorly run, the location itself was magical and the island is so fun to explore. Soon after our second day on the retreat, we realized we had tons of free time so, we rented a car.  Every morning after our yoga class we hit the road to explore this very cool island.

Deia is where the retreat was held and our first beach stop. The setting was so cool as you had to park on a steep hill and then walk down to a rocky cove with blue blue waters. It wasn’t comfortable to sit on the rocks and it was SOOO crowded, you could barely find a rock to sit on, but the scenery was so different and beautiful, you couldn’t help but ignore all those factors. There were also two restaurants nestled into the rocks. If you could get a seat, it was fun to eat and drink and look over the water. NOTE: mayja jellyfish here. Five girls on the retreat were stung and my sister and I were two of them. She has a scar from her sting.

At some point on the trip we had a catamaran take the retreat goers for a boat day.   This was great to see the dramatic coastlines from a different perspective. It was all so gorgeous but still so many jellyfish!

Banyabufar was another day trip we took. This was crazy as you had to take at least a 10 minute walk down a steep hill and then a 15 minute walk down very steep stone stairs (so you can imagine the difficulty of the walk back up). Once you arrived down at this cove it was still rocky but there were not as many people here or jellyfish. The waters were also deeper making it fun to float and swim. Afterwards we did the steep trek back up the stairs and into our car. In the small town they had a bunch of nice restaurants all capitalizing on the amazing view from up high. We watched a sunset and sipped rose here. This was a nice quiet spot.

Sessalines was another day trip we took. This is where we finally got to sandy beaches. Again, we went during peak season so it was very crowded but a nice change of scenery to feel the sand under your feet.

The last stop of the trip was Pollenca. We left the retreat early and headed here to stay in the hotel Cala San Vincenc. To be honest we didn’t check out too much of the area because we were busy enjoying the quiet pool, and spa. We walked down to another rocky cove but didn’t spend too much of our days there.  We did however enjoy dinner in the cove for some waterfront dining.


  • When traveling to the beaches or coves pack light. It often involves a long walk so you just need a towel and sunscreen.
  • Rent a car! That way you can explore many places
  • Get ready to take in beauty everywhere you look


Overall rating four stars ****

I went with four stars because it is a touch uncomfortable at times when you go check out the ocean waters and because of all the jellyfish.

Price: $$$$ (it’s Europe)

Food: **** (if you like seafood)

Hospitality: *** (not a super friendly culture but everyone is cordial)

Attraction: The coastlines