Womens Weekend Pilates Escape!

Newport, RI


Jenn Mathien is a certified Pilates instructor who provides her clients with a moment of “me time” and self-connection during their busy weeks. It’s only fitting that Jenn team up with the Retreat experts, MunSun, to provide her clients a “Women’s Pilates Escape.” As women (and mothers) we are always running around taking care of everyone else, often times forgetting to fill up our own cup. That’s why Jenn wants to provide a getaway for her premier clients. Take a 2-night, 3-day getaway for some serious self-care: connect to your body, move daily in pilates-, barre-, and yoga-inspired workouts, and start creating better habits to be living in your BEST body so that you can return to your life feeling refreshed & connected.


Bronze Package: Bunk room: $266 per day all inclusive ($800)

  • Shared Room Bunk Room
  • 3 days on gorgeous compound
  • Meals prepared by private chef
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • 2 Fitness classes a day
  • One guided hike
  • Transfer from airport to property if needed

Silver Package: Shared twin rooms: $370 per day all inclusive ($1,100)

  • Shared Room with a friend
  • 3 days on a gorgeous compound
  • Meals prepared by a private chef
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • 2 Fitness classes a day
  • One guided hike
  • Transfer from airport to property if needed

Gold Package: Private King Rooms: $466 per day all inclusive ($1,400)
1 Private Double Bed Room: $400 per day all inclusive ($1,200)

  • Private King Bedroom or Private Double Bedroom
  • 3 days on a gorgeous compound
  • Meals prepared by private chef
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • 2 Fitness classes a day
  • One guided hike
  • Transfer from airport to  property


Friday evening: Pilates Flow & Zen Session (90 minutes)
Set your mindful intentions for the weekend with a slow-flow yoga-pilates class. We start with a gentle & fluid Pilates sequence to wake-up the mind-body connection and review the foundations of movement. We end with 30 minutes of restorative yoga & stretching, which includes extra hands on assists and adjustments, a calming candlelit room, essential oils and restoring music.

Saturday Morning: Rise & Shine Barre-Pilates Burn (60 minutes)
Wake up to Jenn’s own signature blend of barre, pilates, core-conditioning & yoga to produce long, lean muscles and a strong, flexible body. Challenge your body to work from the inside out through repetitive movements in small muscle groups, with particular focus on abs, glutes, legs, & arms.

Saturday Afternoon: Foam Roller Myofascial release & Core Tune-up (60 minutes)
Just as important as creating body tension to strengthen and tone is to RELEASE that tension. Learn one of Jenn’s favorite ways to lengthen and relax tight muscles with self myofascial release techniques. Then re-focus on building your core strength to establish the foundation for any future movement.
*If you do not own a 36″ foam roller, one can be purchased and picked up at the start of the retreat.

Sunday Morning: Finale Fusion (90 minutes)
End the weekend with a high-powered fusion class that will have you connect to your healthy foundation to progress you back into your active life.

In addition, a private postural analysis with Jenn (15-20 minutes) will be individually scheduled.
(Why Postural Analysis? The body functions at its best when it’s in correct posture. When the body is in correct postural alignment, it moves evenly and distributes weight appropriately. Every single one of us has some sort of imbalance – by becoming aware of our particular imbalances, we are one step closer to bringing ourselves back into alignment so that our bodies can work most effectively and efficiently.)

You’re in Great Hands!  The Pilates Escape Team

Fitness Guru: Jenn Mathien

Jenn Mathien has been professionally teaching Pilates for the past 9 years. Originally earning her full mat- and equipment- certification through Unity Pilates in Sydney, Australia, Jenn then completed the full STOTT Pilates training in Sydney, Los Angeles, and New York, including specialty training for pre- and post-natal women, cross-training athletes, and other special populations. She is also a fully certified Barre instructor through Boston Body Barre. While her teaching approach is rooted in classical Pilates, Jenn’s signature style also infuses barre, yoga, and modern kinesiolgy methods. Jenn loves a good beat and the rhythm that the breath creates. Sweat is encouraged.

Retreat Coordinator: Georgia Rappleye

The Chihuahua Lover

Georgia Rappleye is the founder of MunSun Retreats and the Retreat Coordinator of the Womens Weekend Pilates Escape. She has a hands on approach and makes sure each retreat goer has the best vacation possible. She has successfully coordinated retreats in Portugal, Turks & Caicos, and even Tennessee. She loves seeing the transformation of the retreat goers.

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