Don’t get me wrong I love to travel and vacation. I created MunSun to service women and to provide them a space to connect, support each other, and to travel and explore. But, I also created MunSun because of my love for travel and vacation. With that said, there are plenty of times I start to feel homesick and, in turn, stop enjoying the experiences around me.

When times like these come up there are a few things I do. One, in the moment, I take off my shoes and walk barefoot. You may think that sounds weird but something about being barefoot makes me feel at home and makes me feel connected to the earth and universe. I feel the energy of the earth and feel like a truer version of myself.  I also throw on soccer shorts and a t-shirt.  Soccer shorts and a t-shirt was my childhood uniform. It’s pretty much all I wore even throughout high school. When I am feeling out of sorts putting on those two items makes me feel at home.  To really showcase how much I lived in soccer clothes, here is my senior high school picture (yes, I chose to wear my soccer uniform and yes, I am including this for your entertainment)

Step two, is to get my butt back home. Home isn’t necessarily a location as my parents have lived in many different houses… it’s not necessarily the place, but it’s the people. When I start to feel lost I make sure I am connected with family. Whether it’s with my cousins and their babies, or my sisters, mom, dad, childhood friend.. its connecting with the people that understand me, and feed my soul.  Here’s another shot of my cousins and siblings growing up.  These people are my people.

Step three, is obviously hanging with my dog and some yoga. Something about having an animal so truly excited to see you just fills your heart. As far as yoga goes there’s just no better way to feel more connected to the universe, to open up your heart, and to meditate by connecting breath to movement.

Once I am able to take those three steps, I’m usually ready for the next vacation adventure. Family and friends, my pets, and yoga give me the foundation I need to continue to explore and try new things. I am forever grateful for these elements in my life.