In my opinion, the best kept secret vacation spot is this small little island in Rhode Island, Jamestown.  Now I may be biased, my grandparents and friends have always lived in Jamestown but, it has everything you need to give you that New England Summer vacation without the crazy crowds.

I was born and raised in Rhode Island and boy do I have Rhode Island pride.  I am fortunate enough to have grandparents who have always had a summer house in Jamestown Rhode Island that I can stay in.  Years ago it was perfect, I could stay at the house and then hop over the bridge to Newport Rhode Island to enjoy all the restaurants, beaches, and night life.

I remember when I was living in NY and all of a sudden, Newport Rhode Island became the new summer hot spot.  I was so psyched because finally my home state was getting some recognition.  Girls in the office were having their bachelorette parties in Newport, people were getting summer houses, hotels were getting booked up, and I was finally feeling cool that I was from there.

But after that initial excitement it dawned on me, that with this new found popularity, Newport became a nightmare.  You couldn’t find parking, there was so much traffic, the trains from NY were packed, and worst of all the New York attitude and fashions seeped into Newport.  I always loved Newport for the casual atmosphere and being surrounded by locals, and it was no longer the case.  That’s around the time I stopped going over the bridge and really settled in to the cute little island of Jamestown!

Why Jamestown is the Best!

It’s small but there’s so much to see and do.  With only 35 square miles to explore you would be surprised.

  1. The Parks!- Beavertail, Fort Getty are great parks to check out, picnic at, or perhaps even do some yoga.
  2. The Beaches!- Macrel Cove, East Ferry Beach, Sunset beach.  Now the beaches aren’t as big as Newport but they also aren’t as crowded.  You can also find some beaches and little coves at the parks too.
  3. The People!-  The people in Jamestown are chill and mostly locals.  You don’t see the New Yorker in the latest summer trends.  Most importantly you don’t have that New York fast paced attitude.  Everything in Jamestown is relaxed, beachy, and people are there to fully enjoy a New England Summer.  It’s the perfect vacation spot because you can truly get away from your city living life.
  4. The Nightlife-  Go to the Ganny!  This is the only late night bar on the island.  They usually have live music and everyone goes.  It’s a dive bar but that’s when times are the most fun.  You can drink a beer, dance to the local band, or even play pool.  It’s so fun!
  5. The Restaurants-  It’s a small island yet there are some great choices.  My favorite is Simpatico.  It has indoor, outdoor, even a treehouse seating.  If you are vacationing here, you could actually try ever restaurant on the island.
  6. The Boats-  Even if you don’t have a boat you will be surrounded by them.  Everything from sail boats to motor boats the ocean is always full of them because right across the bay is Newport RI.

Now Enjoy These Photos of the Best Kept Secret Vacation Spot:

If you are a city gal and are looking for a weekend getaway or a summer vacation without all the trendy hoopla then you MUST come to Jamestown Rhode Island.  You will get the New England summer vibe that you get at the Cape, Marthas Vineyard, or Nantucket without all the crowds and traffic.  Next summer be sure to check it out!