How to Stay Zen on a City Vacation

My recent trips have included visiting London, Paris, and Lyon on my quest to catch the Women’s World Cup.   From Lyon I have more travels ahead with two more stops in big cities, Lisbon and Vienna. When planning city trips I get so excited as I scroll through Instagram and see similar images to the one above. I see romanticized versions of the cities or beautiful pictures of some big landmark and not a person in sight. Instagram vs. reality is the image below. In reality you get to a city filled with hustle and bustle, lots of heat, and lots of people. You quickly realize it’s boarder line impossible to get a photo of a landmark without anyone in sight…

So here are my tips for staying Zen when you are exploring a big city. Firstly I take great pleasure in trying out and finding cute quiet coffee shops. This takes a little bit of work and research but it can be done. Find a nice quaint place to enjoy that vacation cappuccino and catch up on your emails or Instagram. I love to use TripAdvisor or different travel blogs to find these spots. If you are feeling adventurous head out and explore on your own wandering the streets. My second tip to staying Zen is finding yourself a yoga studio. It’s a great way to live like a local, get that “me” Zen moment before you hit the streets and explore. My last tip, is of course, to take a nap. You are on vacation after all! While the cities have so many fun and exciting things to do and see, if you are too tired and jet lagged it starts to feel like a chore. If you are tired take a quick siesta before getting back out there.

All in all enjoy the culture, the city, the bustle and take it all in. Make sure you take a quick “me moment” here or there to center yourself so you can take in all the sights! Happy vacationing everyone!

Staying Tan on Vacation

On every girls pre vacation to-do list is a spray tan.  I am all for a spray tan if you are off to Vegas for the weekend or a quick weekend bachelorette but what do you do for the week long vacation or if you are on a budget?  Well, here are my tips and tricks for maintaining a tan for longer vacation.

If you have the budget, I suggest a professional spray tan to kick off the week vacation.  From there, I suggest purchasing the St. Tropez Bon Voyage Kit.  This kit has all the tanning essentials.  From tanning body mousse (which looks natural and just like a professional tan), to a gradual tinted tanning lotion to help maintain your tan throughout the week, to even a one night only gloss (which is great for the quick tanning touch up before a dinner).

The longest lasting tan is from the mousse.  All you have to do is shower and shave.  Dry off your skin entirely and then apply the mousse.  The mousse comes with a hand mitt in which you apply the mousse onto and then rub generously on your body.  For best results I do this naked and cover my entire body.  I find when I just use the mousse on my arms or legs it ends up looking obviously fake in comparison to the rest of my body.

A great drug store option for tanning is Jergens.  I swear by their tanning products and get the most natural results with  the gradual tanning lotion.  The best part about the gradual tanning lotion is it’s something you can do at home, all summer, to maintain a tan look regardless of how much sun you are able to get.  The smell is not my favorite but it works!

When it comes to  self tanners whether it be lotion or mousse, always apply them after a shower and nude.  The nude, is so that you cover your entire body and don’t end up with weird lines or orange clothes.  Also, when your skin is clean and dry it absorbs the tanning product and it also applies more evenly.  Which is also why, when you rub in the lotions or mousse hang out for a bit to let it dry and sink in.  I usually wont shower again for another 8 hours or so to make sure it has time to work it’s magic.  After that you are good to go!  It’s also important to remember that even when you have a spray tan, or  an at home tan, it’s important to still wear sunscreen.  The beauty of a fake tan is you can apply all the sunscreen in the world to protect yourself from the sun, but still look tan!

How Dogs Can Help You Relax, Refresh, and Reboot

I am always thinking of things that give me that refresh and reboot feeling that I get when I’m on vacation.  Mainly because we can’t always be on vacation!  There’s the usual advice to “have a spa day”, meditate, maybe do a facial at home, etc. You know the rundown because there are millions of articles about it.  But my advice is a little different.  I get that vacation reboot when I hang with my dog.  I’m not talking about walking the dog around the block, like another chore of the day, I’m talking about REALLY walking your dog and REALLY hanging with them.

The thing with dogs is no matter your mood—depressed, anxious, or stressed—one puppy eyed  look from your pet and you’ll have to get out of bed to feed, exercise, and care for them. Providing sensory stress relief. … Stroking a dog, cat, or other animal can lower blood pressure and help you quickly feel calmer and less stressed.

My sisters and I are real dog lovers (as you can see).  One of our family past times is going on a walk with the dogs.  This usually entails us heading out to a beach, a park, or maybe even a hike.  We like to go somewhere where our dogs don’t have to be on leash.  If you can find a place where your dog can run free as you walk along beside them, do it!  Here’s why.  The dogs are hilarious.  I have so many memories of our family hitting a hike and having the dogs completely entertain us as we go.  The dogs feel the freedom and they love it.  They run, play, jump, run away, come back, and overall they have a way of having you live in that very moment.

Now I get it, I get it, we don’t always want to hit the pavement and go on a long walk.  Let’s say you want to hang at home for the day, perhaps even read a book.  Having that snuggle bug by your side gives you that perfect amount of companionship as you do that “me moment” activity.  Whether it’s being active with your dog, or snuggling with them at night, they are always putting a smile on your face.  They have this great ability to take you out of your own head, even if it’s just for a second.  Laughing, walking in nature, and bonding with your puppy love will fill your heart and soul, just like a vacation!  (well kinda hehe).

My Favorite Suitcase and Tips for Packing Light!

I consider myself a packing pro (I have numerous Instagram stories about it, I have already written a blog post about it, and I have even done a podcast on my packing tips) but, as I embark on a 5 week summer travel adventure, my packing techniques are being challenged, and I can’t help but want to share my new tips and tricks!

First thing’s first, the bag!  I have received lots of questions about what type of suitcase to get.  I always recommend the Away Suitcase (shown and linked above).  The reason being is they have wheels that literally can go over anything and they don’t break.  I frequent Europe and there are cobble stone roads everywhere.  More often than not, I get stuck dragging my suitcase along and having durable wheels is so important.

The other thing about these suitcases is they have a nice lock on them and they are light.  Especially with a checked bag, and the weight limitations, it’s always nice to have a lighter suitcase so you can fit more items inside.  The other thing about the Away Suitcase is they somehow make it so you can actually fit more things into the suitcase.  I can’t explain how, but the way the middle divider straps down to one side, you can really fit in a lot of clothes!

This brings me to my other point.  I always check the Away Suitcase Medium Bag.  There are two reasons for this.  One, the weight limit that I just mentioned.  You only have 50lbs you can check without incurring charges.  The Medium Away Suitcase packed to the brim is about 50lbs.  If you had the larger suitcase you would surely go over the 50lbs.  So for this, I like the Medium bag and also knowing if I don’t have time to weigh the bag or a scale is not around,  that packed to the brim I will be at about 50lbs.  The other great reason I like the Medium is because even though I have to check a bag for my longer trips, I still like to pack light and have the easy mobility of just one suitcase and a purse.  So the Medium Away Suitcase is perfect for that.  It’s still small enough you can wheel it around easily.

My last point on The Medium Away Suitcase is my one and only complaint.  These suitcases are truly so durable you can throw them around and a dent wont be found BUT you will see the scuffs.  Away has so many fun, cute, playful colors that you can’t help but be drawn to them.  However, knowing that the checked bag will get thrown around underneath the cabin, I went for the navy blue hoping that would hide any of the scuffs, and alas that didn’t even help.  The bag is SO scuffed up.  I have friends and sisters with the white, the pink, the black, the tan, and they are all scuffed up.  It bothers me but that could be my OCD self.  If they could figure out a way to make these durable suitcases scuff free I would give it rave reviews.  However, that’s my only complaint so I still say it’s my go-to checked suitcase.

Now that we talked suitcase let’s talk actual packing.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  The way to pack light is to MAKE the time to pack strategically.  Take three hours and do it right.  I always suggest packing items that you can wear in different ways.  An outfit that can be a daytime cover up and later be a night out outfit.  My trick is to plan by day.  I lay out ALL the items for that outfit and day.  Once I have that outfit nailed I move to the next day, and look into the previous looks to see if I can re-use some items from the first look.

Doing this not only makes sure you don’t forget a thing (like sunglasses, the right undergarments, or a bag), but it also makes it super easy on your vacation.  Instead of spending time in the hotel room figuring out what to wear, you already have a rough outline of each of your outfits and what they are for.  You really can just grab and go!  It takes time before your vacation to plan all of this out but, on vacation you don’t have to stress about a thing.  I can’t suggest doing this enough.  My other reminder is to try to re-use items as you go through this process.  Grab the same pair of sunglasses for each look, re-use that dress just use different earrings to change up the look, etc.  You get the gist.

Now if you want to take things a step further.  Meaning you have the light suitcase, you have taken 3 hours to pack before your trip, you are re-using items throughout the trip to ensure you can pack light… the next best thing you can do is use packing cubes.  Now, truth be told, I do not use these.  I have one bag, within my suitcase, where I store my shoes.  Otherwise I have my toiletry bags and the suitcase compartments, and I feel organized enough.  However, I have a few MunSun guests that swear by the packing cubes.  So, I felt like I had to mention them.  The cubes are a great way to prevents your suitcase from exploding when you open it.  With that said, if you pack light, maybe you don’t need them?  I don’t know that’s just my take.  Anyways if you do use packing cubes please leave some comments about if you like them or not.  I’m interested to hear.

I will end this blog post with this simple saying “preparation saves you from perspiration”. Now I don’t know if that’s an actual saying but, I always have that in the back of my mind when I’m annoyed I have to take three hours out of my night to pack.  However, by taking the time to really think out what I need, I avoid over packing and being the sweaty girl lugging too many bags or I avoid looking like a hot mess when I have clothes that make no sense for the occasion.  My advice is take the time before the vacation so you can enjoy yourself on your travels.  Happy vacationing!

A Suncare Product Rundown

Summer is here and it is time to start stalking up on all the summer suncare essentials.  MunSun had some pretty cool suncare partners throughout our travels.  We have partnered with Coola, SunBum, Bare Republic, and of course Kopari.  In addition, we have our guests take a post retreat survey where they review the suncare provided on that retreat.  So I decided to share this very useful information ;-).  Keep in mind we like to use products that are reef safe and ocean safe 🙂

When it comes to Coola Sunscreen we had some mixed reviews on the body sunscreen but the face sunscreen was very popular among guests.  I’m a sucker for packaging and I just love the colors and packaging of Coola.  That’s why they were one of the first brands we reached out to.  They exude fun and outdoor adventures and that aligns perfectly with MunSun.  Furthermore, with scents like Pina Colada and Mango, they scream vacation.  Also, let’s not forget they are organic products.  Most of the girls on the trip loved all the Coola products.  They were easy to use, smelled great, and lasted throughout the day at the pool with the normal reapplication.  The issues arose when we had a snorkel day.  The waterproof sunscreen did not last as long as a classic sports sunscreen.  Lots of girls got blotchy burns or pinkness from the day.  Understanding that snorkeling all day in Turks & Caicos is not the norm, I would recommend this product BUT, if you are a hiker or plan to be in the sun doing extreme activities I would recommend trying a more sporty product.

Now my favorite Coola Suncare product is the Classic Face Organic Suncreen Lotion.  Again the packaging is so pretty, the scent is that of a tea, and it feels so cool and fresh on my face.  It’s also light, so I have no problem putting make up over it.  That would be my number one product recommendation from the Coola Suncare Line.

In Mexico our guests were provided SunBum products specifically, the Day Tripper bag.  These products are reef safe (not organic) and they last!  We were in Mexico for 5 days with snorkeling, swimming in Cenotes, hiking, and there were no sunburns.  The SunBum kit also included a Lip Balm with SPF as well as a cool down Aloe Lotion.  Both of which we all loved.  I personally always forget to add an SPF to my lips so it was nice to have that included in the kit.  I would HIGHLY recommend this product if you were a doing more extreme activities.  This is by far my favorite body sunscreen.  They also have spray bottles or lotions so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Bare Republic caught my eye because every retreat I head to Target and refresh our first aide kit, and every time I see Bare Republic products.  So I bought this sunscreen to try because it is cheaper than the more organic ones but it is still reef safe and… I’m not going to lie, the packaging was cute 🙂

So here is my take on Bare Republic.  It definitely works if you don’t mind looking white and albino.  I bought the spray bottle which dispenses white sunblock that you still have to rub it in with your hands.  The sunblock is so thick that it’s hard to spread out evenly.  It also is so thick it’s hard to rub into your body.  The pro is that you know you are completely covered and you have great sun protection.  The con is that you look very white.  I would recommend this sunscreen if you are going on a boat, fishing all day, you don’t care what you look like, and you just want that coverage.  If you are trying to smell cute, and have a nice shiny glow, then go with Coola and if you are doing activities but still don’t want white residue everywhere go with SunBum.

Moving on to Kopari.  My favorite Kopari suncare product is not a sunscreen.  I first became obsessed with Kopari because their packaging is to die for and the smells are delish.  Every girl must try the Coconut Body Glow .  This product is for the busy girl who doesn’t have time to catch some rays.  All you do is squeeze on a dollop of this body glow and rub it into the body part you want to look sun kissed.  I always use it on my shoulders and collar bone.  It has a little shimmer but you don’t end up looking like you used a Victoria Secret body shimmer from the 90’s.  It’s a nice, fun, light product to give you a little sun kissed shimmer.

Let’s face it any sunblock or sunscreen is better then nothing.  I would love to hear about what your favorite suncare products are so please leave comments below.  In the meantime, throw on a hat, sunglasses, and some sunblock and enjoy your sunny summer 🙂

Why Carry Crystals?

I recently did an Instagram poll asking the MunSun followers if they carry any stones or crystals with them throughout the day. I was inspired to ask when I emptied out my purse and I had 7 of them floating around (not to mention the bracelets I wear). It was when I saw 7 stones laying on my bed when I realized I might be kookier than I thought.  That’s when I decided to ask who else was in my boat?  I was honestly surprised when 20% of our Instagram following replied yes to carrying stones with them throughout the day. I’m not the only one!

Why carry crystals?

Holding crystals or placing them on your body is thought to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Crystals supposedly do this by positively interacting with your body’s energy field, or chakra. While some crystals are said to alleviate stress, others improve concentration or creativity.

My favorite crystal is the rose quartz. Mainly because I’m so drawn to the color.  It really is so pretty. What’s interesting though, is that rose quartz is associated with the zodiac sign Libra and Taurus and I am a Libra.  I also found out this tidbit of information after being drawn to this crystal.  The color pink has long been associated with the energy of love, so it is no surprise that rose quartz is thought to help one attract love, as well as to heal from painful love experiences. Some say that it is also the presence of manganese in rose quartz that calms and heals the heart. Now how true is this? I believe that the crystals themselves are just great reminders on what to focus your energy on (also it doesn’t hurt that they are pretty). For me, they help me throughout the day, it’s a reminder to check back in with myself, and shift my energy to being open and trusting the universe.

Here is some info on more of my favorite crystals:

  • Clear Quartz:  The most powerful healer and amplifier. Excellent for blockages. Works on all levels of self. Aids memory, excellent to program & store information. Heals immune system and brings balance to all.
  • Tourmaline:  Cleanses, purifies and forms a protective shield around the body. Buried, it promotes growth. Banishes feelings of being a victim. Attracts inspiration compassion and prosperity. Powerful mental healer, releases tension, removes blockages.
  • Amethyst:  amplifies creative energy and enhances mental clarity.  It is considered the ultimate stone of peace and divine clearing and is useful when recovering from stressful events.  Empowers the third eye chakra, strengthening intuition.
  • Citrine:  Stone of Abundance. Powerful cleanser and regenerator, energizing, creative, opens intuition. Teaches how to manifest prosperity, all that is good and how to share. Helps to go with the flow. Overcome fear.  Healing – Stimulates digestion, spleen, pancreas, increase blood circulation, detoxifies blood, balance thyroid.

My last tip is if you are interested in crystals I suggest you go to a store that specializes in them.  It’s important to go, and see them all, and see what you are drawn to.  It’s also important to pick a stone or crystal that calls to you.  Maybe it’s something that surprises you and it’s just what you need at that time in your life.

A Getaway Day Retreat

I have been getting more and more requests from our partners for a day long retreat.  I know from experience the longer the retreat, the more beneficial it is for the guests to relax, refresh, and reboot.  With that said, something is better than nothing… right?  Well I decided to find out for myself.  I recently attended “A Getaway Day Retreat” and I thought I would share my findings.

The retreat was hosted by two life coaches I met during my life coaching cerification.  The location of the retreat was at Wentworth By the Sea in New Hampshire.  Let me just say, the website of this property does it no justice.  This was such a spectacular location it took my breath away.  I know that one of THE most important things about a retreat is the setting.  You need a place that evokes relaxation and this property did just that!

After arriving we had a light breakfast and then the retreat began.  We all introduced ourselves with an exercise that seemed very natural (not too kitchy).  We then started our intention meditation work shop which included some chanting! (so fun).  Then we had a break to enjoy the grounds.  After a power walk I had a one on one life coaching session, and then shortly after had a light lunch.  From there the second half of the day activities began.  We had a nice essential oil workshop and ended with some yin yoga.  All in all I had a great day!  I walked away feeling relaxed and refreshed, which is the MunSun mission for all of our retreats.  So this Day Away Retreat hit the mark!

A “Day Away Retreat” IS better than nothing.  I fully enjoyed myself and walked away feeling like it was worth my while.  I had a nice “me” moment in my busy life and did some fun activities I had never done before, like a chanting meditation and making my own essential oil mix!

I will say this though, if you could get away for more than one day then I would always vote for that.  For one, a day is not enough time to make new friends.  I did not walk away feeling enriched like I had connected with other humans on a deeper level.  After the retreat I went to dinner with a few retreat goers.  We had a lovely time and connected for a nice meal but, I don’t think I’ll be texting them later.  Whereas longer retreats result in new friendships that last for years to come.  The other major benefit to a longer retreat is the results last longer.  A week after the retreat you are still feeling those vacations vibes.  With a day retreat, as soon as my first work call came in, the relaxation was a distant memory.

In summary, a Day Away Retreat is the perfect getaway for the busy gal who can’t seem to get a moment in to treat herself.  If you have the option of a spa day or a day retreat, chose the day retreat!  It’s around the same cost and you are not only treating your body but your mind too.

5 Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, deadlines at work, present shopping to be done, and family, family and more family time!  I have come up with 5 quick and easy steps you can do anywhere to manage your blood pressure this holiday season!

  1. Attitude of Gratitude

  2. Recognizing Your Accomplishments

  3. All Your Firsts

  4. Family Prep

  5. Favorite Holiday Activity

I have talked about this a lot but, let’s not forget the power of an attitude of gratitude.  Take your gratitude journal every morning and write down three things you are grateful for.  It takes a few minutes and it starts the day off right.  I almost always include my dog and my cup of coffee in my gratitude journal.  The point is, it doesn’t matter what it is, it just matters that you feel that gratitude in your heart before you start each day.

A toast to yourself!  As the year winds down we often reflect and look back at the past year.  More often then not we start listing out all of the things we didn’t do.  We didn’t lose the weight, we didn’t ask for the promotion, we didn’t get x, y, z done.  Well let’s change it up folks!  Take a moment to list out your accomplishments.  Once you get started you will realize it’s a lot longer than the things you didn’t do.  Just give it a try and pat yourself on the back.  You deserve it and you will be so happy you did it.

After listing out your accomplishments start to think about all of the things you did for the first time this past year.  Did you try sushi?  Did you speak up for yourself at work?  Did you travel somewhere new?  No matter how big or small reflect back on all the new things you did and all the growth you had.

Now let’s talk family.  Holiday season is when family all comes together and often times, under one roof.  Now, don’t get me wrong, we all love family.  With that said, it can be stressful to have all those unique snowflakes under one roof with their different values and opinions.  So here is my tip!  BEFORE everyone gets together take a moment to sit and think about each individual person you will be seeing.  What do you love about them?  What makes them so unique?  What about them do you admire?  By doing this you are shifting your mindset to what you love most about that person.  This way, when you are with them, you are appreciative for their presence.

Last but not least, make sure you do something for YOU.  We get so caught up making deadlines, going to parties, shopping for others, we forget to do something for ourself.  What is your favorite holiday tradition?  Cooking, being outdoors, putting up the lights, listening to christmas music… whatever it is, make sure you do it!

I promise you, if you follow these 5 practices you will be feeling more positive and less stressed!  Everyone have an amazing holiday season.

Why Solitude is Important

The great omission in American life is solitude; not loneliness, for this is an alienation that thrives most in the midst of crowds, but that zone of time and space free from outside pressure which is the incubator of the spirit. — Marya Mannes, author and critic

Life is busy and others constantly surround us. When others do not surround us, we are still on our phones interacting and communicating. Taking time to have moments to yourself, even as brief as a few deep breaths, can make a huge difference in your life and day.

According to Psychology Today there are some huge benefits to find moments of solitude:

  • It allows you to reboot your brain and unwind
  • It helps you increase productivity and increase concentration
  • It helps you find your own voice
  • It helps you work through problems more effectively
  • It can enhance the quality of your relationships

With MunSun Retreats I am often traveling with groups. It is so fun to travel and share new experiences with groups of people. However, I have found that taking a few moments of solitude throughout the trips is imperative for me to be the best version of myself and make sure my energy is right for the day. I thought I would share what I do to get those moments of solitude when I am traveling with people.

  • A simple step is to wake up a little earlier than everyone else. Grab coffee and have that moment of solitude.
  • Disconnect and turn off the TV and put the phone and Ipad away. This for me is a huge help to enjoy a moment and let my mind quiet.
  • Water! This may be one that is just personal to me or is really only relevant to traveling but getting in the water. Whether that is taking a shower or bath or jumping into an ocean or lake. Even if you are swimming with others, something about floating in the water gives me that moment of peaceful solitude.

Share how you get moments of solitude throughout your day!

5 Ways to get That "Me Moment" When You're Busy

We all know what it’s like when you have a week that is so busy you can barely see straight. Especially before you head off to vacation. I always find those weeks to be the worst because all of a sudden the mani/ pedi is no longer a “me moment” but a chore that needs to be done. So here are my 5 tips to make sure you take a breath in your busy life to soak in the goodness all around you.

5 Tips for Getting That "Me Moment"

Tip 1: Here’s a simple one, wake up 15 minutes early. I know, I know, we all want to just sleep in especially when we are spread so thin but, 15 minutes wont make a difference when it comes REM sleep.

Here’s the KEY to making this work, don’t look at your phone. If you do, you’ll see the stressful work email and jump into action…. so don’t do that. Just wake up, and then do what you want. You can even just lay in bed, perhaps have a cup of coffee laying in bed. You can turn on the TV and zone out, you can meditate, you can maybe even eat breakfast at home. Whatever it is that you want for that “me moment” you can do it in those 15 minutes.

Tip 2: Make the commute that “me moment.”  Some people don’t agree with this one because commuting tends to stress people out. But hear me out. What if you change your way of thinking and think of the commute as your time for yourself? Plug in your headphones if you are a city gal, or put on the radio if you are a car commuter and take that moment to be in your bubble. If you get into a really good podcast (check out the MunSun Podcast), or listen to your favorite album, you will be so immersed in that, you wont realize the crowded subway or the jerk that just cut you off. Instead you will be enjoying your “me moment” commute.

Tip 3: Do that thing that makes you feel grounded. I’ve talked about this before in other blog posts. For me it’s walking barefoot, or putting on my soccer shorts and t, sometimes it’s just eating Haribo Gummy bears. Whatever is that quick and easy thing you do to feel grounded, do it. Because not only does it ground you, but it gives you that sense of doing something for yourself so it falls in that “me moment” category.

Tip 4: Going back to the point of the mani/pedi being a chore. When we are so busy all of the sudden the things we do to treat ourselves for that “me moment” become something we HAVE to do so we look best on our vacation or for our meeting etc. So this goes back to changing your mindset. I would say go into it with an attitude of gratitude. Go into the mani/ pedi with the mindset of I chose to get my nails done.

How lucky am I to get my nails done. Chose that whacky color you want to try, or chose your all time fave color… whatever it is chose to have an attitude of gratitude. Chose to make this time a “me moment”, and chose to enjoy it.

Tip 5: Last but not least, say no! What a crazy idea!  As women we so often, say yes and think we can “squeeze it in,” or that some outside factor is more important than eating a meal, or getting a good night sleep. It sounds so simple, but the amount of women who skip a moment to take care of themselves and put work, friends, family, or a relationship first, is more common than you think.  So start to feel comfortable putting yourself first and saying no. This honestly should be tip #1 and the only tip because if you master this, you wont feel like you need to squeeze in “me moments.”.  So here’s what to do, take a look at your weekly calendar.  If you are noticing there is no time in there for YOU, start saying no.  You have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of anything or anyone else.

If you have trouble putting yourself first or listening to your inner voice and your own wants and needs consider a life coaching session with MunSun.