A Getaway Day Retreat

I have been getting more and more requests from our partners for a day long retreat.  I know from experience the longer the retreat, the more beneficial it is for the guests to relax, refresh, and reboot.  With that said, something is better than nothing… right?  Well I decided to find out for myself.  I recently attended “A Getaway Day Retreat” and I thought I would share my findings.

The retreat was hosted by two life coaches I met during my life coaching cerification.  The location of the retreat was at Wentworth By the Sea in New Hampshire.  Let me just say, the website of this property does it no justice.  This was such a spectacular location it took my breath away.  I know that one of THE most important things about a retreat is the setting.  You need a place that evokes relaxation and this property did just that!

After arriving we had a light breakfast and then the retreat began.  We all introduced ourselves with an exercise that seemed very natural (not too kitchy).  We then started our intention meditation work shop which included some chanting! (so fun).  Then we had a break to enjoy the grounds.  After a power walk I had a one on one life coaching session, and then shortly after had a light lunch.  From there the second half of the day activities began.  We had a nice essential oil workshop and ended with some yin yoga.  All in all I had a great day!  I walked away feeling relaxed and refreshed, which is the MunSun mission for all of our retreats.  So this Day Away Retreat hit the mark!

A “Day Away Retreat” IS better than nothing.  I fully enjoyed myself and walked away feeling like it was worth my while.  I had a nice “me” moment in my busy life and did some fun activities I had never done before, like a chanting meditation and making my own essential oil mix!

I will say this though, if you could get away for more than one day then I would always vote for that.  For one, a day is not enough time to make new friends.  I did not walk away feeling enriched like I had connected with other humans on a deeper level.  After the retreat I went to dinner with a few retreat goers.  We had a lovely time and connected for a nice meal but, I don’t think I’ll be texting them later.  Whereas longer retreats result in new friendships that last for years to come.  The other major benefit to a longer retreat is the results last longer.  A week after the retreat you are still feeling those vacations vibes.  With a day retreat, as soon as my first work call came in, the relaxation was a distant memory.

In summary, a Day Away Retreat is the perfect getaway for the busy gal who can’t seem to get a moment in to treat herself.  If you have the option of a spa day or a day retreat, chose the day retreat!  It’s around the same cost and you are not only treating your body but your mind too.

5 Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, deadlines at work, present shopping to be done, and family, family and more family time!  I have come up with 5 quick and easy steps you can do anywhere to manage your blood pressure this holiday season!

  1. Attitude of Gratitude

  2. Recognizing Your Accomplishments

  3. All Your Firsts

  4. Family Prep

  5. Favorite Holiday Activity

I have talked about this a lot but, let’s not forget the power of an attitude of gratitude.  Take your gratitude journal every morning and write down three things you are grateful for.  It takes a few minutes and it starts the day off right.  I almost always include my dog and my cup of coffee in my gratitude journal.  The point is, it doesn’t matter what it is, it just matters that you feel that gratitude in your heart before you start each day.

A toast to yourself!  As the year winds down we often reflect and look back at the past year.  More often then not we start listing out all of the things we didn’t do.  We didn’t lose the weight, we didn’t ask for the promotion, we didn’t get x, y, z done.  Well let’s change it up folks!  Take a moment to list out your accomplishments.  Once you get started you will realize it’s a lot longer than the things you didn’t do.  Just give it a try and pat yourself on the back.  You deserve it and you will be so happy you did it.

After listing out your accomplishments start to think about all of the things you did for the first time this past year.  Did you try sushi?  Did you speak up for yourself at work?  Did you travel somewhere new?  No matter how big or small reflect back on all the new things you did and all the growth you had.

Now let’s talk family.  Holiday season is when family all comes together and often times, under one roof.  Now, don’t get me wrong, we all love family.  With that said, it can be stressful to have all those unique snowflakes under one roof with their different values and opinions.  So here is my tip!  BEFORE everyone gets together take a moment to sit and think about each individual person you will be seeing.  What do you love about them?  What makes them so unique?  What about them do you admire?  By doing this you are shifting your mindset to what you love most about that person.  This way, when you are with them, you are appreciative for their presence.

Last but not least, make sure you do something for YOU.  We get so caught up making deadlines, going to parties, shopping for others, we forget to do something for ourself.  What is your favorite holiday tradition?  Cooking, being outdoors, putting up the lights, listening to christmas music… whatever it is, make sure you do it!

I promise you, if you follow these 5 practices you will be feeling more positive and less stressed!  Everyone have an amazing holiday season.

Why Solitude is Important

The great omission in American life is solitude; not loneliness, for this is an alienation that thrives most in the midst of crowds, but that zone of time and space free from outside pressure which is the incubator of the spirit. — Marya Mannes, author and critic

Life is busy and others constantly surround us. When others do not surround us, we are still on our phones interacting and communicating. Taking time to have moments to yourself, even as brief as a few deep breaths, can make a huge difference in your life and day.

According to Psychology Today there are some huge benefits to find moments of solitude:

  • It allows you to reboot your brain and unwind
  • It helps you increase productivity and increase concentration
  • It helps you find your own voice
  • It helps you work through problems more effectively
  • It can enhance the quality of your relationships

With MunSun Retreats I am often traveling with groups. It is so fun to travel and share new experiences with groups of people. However, I have found that taking a few moments of solitude throughout the trips is imperative for me to be the best version of myself and make sure my energy is right for the day. I thought I would share what I do to get those moments of solitude when I am traveling with people.

  • A simple step is to wake up a little earlier than everyone else. Grab coffee and have that moment of solitude.
  • Disconnect and turn off the TV and put the phone and Ipad away. This for me is a huge help to enjoy a moment and let my mind quiet.
  • Water! This may be one that is just personal to me or is really only relevant to traveling but getting in the water. Whether that is taking a shower or bath or jumping into an ocean or lake. Even if you are swimming with others, something about floating in the water gives me that moment of peaceful solitude.

Share how you get moments of solitude throughout your day!

5 Ways to get That "Me Moment" When You're Busy

We all know what it’s like when you have a week that is so busy you can barely see straight. Especially before you head off to vacation. I always find those weeks to be the worst because all of a sudden the mani/ pedi is no longer a “me moment” but a chore that needs to be done. So here are my 5 tips to make sure you take a breath in your busy life to soak in the goodness all around you.

5 Tips for Getting That "Me Moment"

Tip 1: Here’s a simple one, wake up 15 minutes early. I know, I know, we all want to just sleep in especially when we are spread so thin but, 15 minutes wont make a difference when it comes REM sleep.

Here’s the KEY to making this work, don’t look at your phone. If you do, you’ll see the stressful work email and jump into action…. so don’t do that. Just wake up, and then do what you want. You can even just lay in bed, perhaps have a cup of coffee laying in bed. You can turn on the TV and zone out, you can meditate, you can maybe even eat breakfast at home. Whatever it is that you want for that “me moment” you can do it in those 15 minutes.

Tip 2: Make the commute that “me moment.”  Some people don’t agree with this one because commuting tends to stress people out. But hear me out. What if you change your way of thinking and think of the commute as your time for yourself? Plug in your headphones if you are a city gal, or put on the radio if you are a car commuter and take that moment to be in your bubble. If you get into a really good podcast (check out the MunSun Podcast), or listen to your favorite album, you will be so immersed in that, you wont realize the crowded subway or the jerk that just cut you off. Instead you will be enjoying your “me moment” commute.

Tip 3: Do that thing that makes you feel grounded. I’ve talked about this before in other blog posts. For me it’s walking barefoot, or putting on my soccer shorts and t, sometimes it’s just eating Haribo Gummy bears. Whatever is that quick and easy thing you do to feel grounded, do it. Because not only does it ground you, but it gives you that sense of doing something for yourself so it falls in that “me moment” category.

Tip 4: Going back to the point of the mani/pedi being a chore. When we are so busy all of the sudden the things we do to treat ourselves for that “me moment” become something we HAVE to do so we look best on our vacation or for our meeting etc. So this goes back to changing your mindset. I would say go into it with an attitude of gratitude. Go into the mani/ pedi with the mindset of I chose to get my nails done.

How lucky am I to get my nails done. Chose that whacky color you want to try, or chose your all time fave color… whatever it is chose to have an attitude of gratitude. Chose to make this time a “me moment”, and chose to enjoy it.

Tip 5: Last but not least, say no! What a crazy idea!  As women we so often, say yes and think we can “squeeze it in,” or that some outside factor is more important than eating a meal, or getting a good night sleep. It sounds so simple, but the amount of women who skip a moment to take care of themselves and put work, friends, family, or a relationship first, is more common than you think.  So start to feel comfortable putting yourself first and saying no. This honestly should be tip #1 and the only tip because if you master this, you wont feel like you need to squeeze in “me moments.”.  So here’s what to do, take a look at your weekly calendar.  If you are noticing there is no time in there for YOU, start saying no.  You have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of anything or anyone else.

If you have trouble putting yourself first or listening to your inner voice and your own wants and needs consider a life coaching session with MunSun.

Raise Your Energy Level with Gratitude

This past Labor Day Weekend, I was fortunate enough to head to the family Lake House for the last vacation of summer. There is nothing better than hanging with friends, family, and the pups.

I have been going here since I was born and I have a pretty simple morning routine:

1) roll out of bed

2) put on my bathing suit

3) grab a cup of coffee and a towel and walk down to the dock.

Once I’m on the dock I just sit and sip my coffee staring out to a view that I have memorized in my brain.  This routine is such a habitual thing for me to do, that it dawned on me this trip, that I am often feeling so much gratitude in these moments. From the littlest sensations to the biggest concepts I am sitting there giving thanks. No wonder I always feel so good about life in this place! No wonder why my heart is always full when I am there! I am starting every morning off with a moment of gratitude.

I caught myself feeling gratitude over the simplest thing. I was thinking, “I am so lucky I can jump in this water and get cold, and then jump out and sip hot coffee.” How simple is that? I was just thinking about the simple task and sensations of jumping in the water and sipping coffee and how full and happy that makes me feel. With that grateful thought, I would start my day off on the right foot.

So the question is, how can I, or you, or anybody, incorporate this into their everyday life when you have deadlines, and errands, and commitments?  So I started thinking.  In my yoga certification we had a grateful journal, and every day we had to write three things we were grateful for and then share it with the class. I did find the act of sharing with the class gave that extra “umph” of really feeling the gratitude. At all of our retreats we give the retreat goers a thankful journal for them to write their three things they are grateful for every morning… and that always shifts the energy… but outside of these steps how do you make the attitude of gratitude habitual?

Tips to live a life of Gratitude:

  • Get a life coach. I am not jus saying this because I am a life coach. I’m saying this because what you are trying to do is change your habits. That’s hard, that’s like quitting something addictive like cigarettes. You have to change your mind, and the things around you. It is easier to identify how to make those changes when you have someone by your side helping you figure it out. You will also have someone there holding you accountable, which always helps!


  • There is this exercise where you bring a notebook around with you. You start with the top three things that you are grateful for in that moment of waking up and, as the day goes on, you cross out something and replace it with something greater. This exercise trains you to be aware of gratitude throughout the day, not just starting the day with gratitude.


  • Here’s a hard one, but makes a huge difference. Change the people you hang out with. It’s hard to stay grateful when you are around people who are negative or unaware of the wonderful things around them. Energy is contagious so be aware of the people around you and how they make you feel. Do you walk away feeling lifted, stronger, better, grateful? Or do you walk away feeling down, negative, unhappy, or relieved you have left them?


  • Figure out what it is that makes you feel that moment of gratitude and do that! For instance, our podcast guest Molly, said she walks the dog every morning. She loves it because she feels gratitude spending time with him, and starting her day with movement, so she does that! What is it for you? Sipping coffee alone before the day starts, a morning workout, a yummy breakfast, a reading session with your favorite book? What is that moment you love and cherish and in turn makes you feel grateful?

The best part of changing your attitude to gratitude is how it trickles in to other aspects of your life and starts to change the way you see the world. If you need a kick-start to changing your attitude to gratitude please reach out. My first life coaching session is always complimentary and we can get you on the right track!

Best Kept Secret Vacation Spot

In my opinion, the best kept secret vacation spot is this small little island in Rhode Island, Jamestown.  Now I may be biased, my grandparents and friends have always lived in Jamestown but, it has everything you need to give you that New England Summer vacation without the crazy crowds.

I was born and raised in Rhode Island and boy do I have Rhode Island pride.  I am fortunate enough to have grandparents who have always had a summer house in Jamestown Rhode Island that I can stay in.  Years ago it was perfect, I could stay at the house and then hop over the bridge to Newport Rhode Island to enjoy all the restaurants, beaches, and night life.

I remember when I was living in NY and all of a sudden, Newport Rhode Island became the new summer hot spot.  I was so psyched because finally my home state was getting some recognition.  Girls in the office were having their bachelorette parties in Newport, people were getting summer houses, hotels were getting booked up, and I was finally feeling cool that I was from there.

But after that initial excitement it dawned on me, that with this new found popularity, Newport became a nightmare.  You couldn’t find parking, there was so much traffic, the trains from NY were packed, and worst of all the New York attitude and fashions seeped into Newport.  I always loved Newport for the casual atmosphere and being surrounded by locals, and it was no longer the case.  That’s around the time I stopped going over the bridge and really settled in to the cute little island of Jamestown!

Why Jamestown is the Best!

It’s small but there’s so much to see and do.  With only 35 square miles to explore you would be surprised.

  1. The Parks!- Beavertail, Fort Getty are great parks to check out, picnic at, or perhaps even do some yoga.
  2. The Beaches!- Macrel Cove, East Ferry Beach, Sunset beach.  Now the beaches aren’t as big as Newport but they also aren’t as crowded.  You can also find some beaches and little coves at the parks too.
  3. The People!-  The people in Jamestown are chill and mostly locals.  You don’t see the New Yorker in the latest summer trends.  Most importantly you don’t have that New York fast paced attitude.  Everything in Jamestown is relaxed, beachy, and people are there to fully enjoy a New England Summer.  It’s the perfect vacation spot because you can truly get away from your city living life.
  4. The Nightlife-  Go to the Ganny!  This is the only late night bar on the island.  They usually have live music and everyone goes.  It’s a dive bar but that’s when times are the most fun.  You can drink a beer, dance to the local band, or even play pool.  It’s so fun!
  5. The Restaurants-  It’s a small island yet there are some great choices.  My favorite is Simpatico.  It has indoor, outdoor, even a treehouse seating.  If you are vacationing here, you could actually try ever restaurant on the island.
  6. The Boats-  Even if you don’t have a boat you will be surrounded by them.  Everything from sail boats to motor boats the ocean is always full of them because right across the bay is Newport RI.

Now Enjoy These Photos of the Best Kept Secret Vacation Spot:

If you are a city gal and are looking for a weekend getaway or a summer vacation without all the trendy hoopla then you MUST come to Jamestown Rhode Island.  You will get the New England summer vibe that you get at the Cape, Marthas Vineyard, or Nantucket without all the crowds and traffic.  Next summer be sure to check it out!

My Experience With Reiki

What is Reiki?

According to the google dictionary: It’s a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by the means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patients body, to restore physical and emotional well-being.

Still confuses you? Me too!

The woman I went to for my reading has a YouTube channel where she explains what Reiki is.  I would suggest watching it for more clarification.  The place I went to is called Diamond Mind Reiki and my practitioner was this women Erin Somerset.  Here is more of what she has to say:

I believe in a holistic approach to life- creating a mind, body, spirit balance through bodywork, energy work, diet and meditation. Healing the whole person for a healthy and abundant life full of love, joy and light. During a session, clients often experience a strong sense of clarity, emotional resolution and a restored energetic balance. It is not uncommon for clients to experience lasting relief from their physical dis-eases and ailments.

I mean how wonderful is that?  Now, I will walk you through what my experience was and if your still confused, take a leap of faith, and just go and try it out!

It's a Two Step Process

The first step is laying on the table and letting the practitioner do her thing.  She barely ever touches you but you feel so much, and that is the part that really threw me off.  I felt tingling, I felt warmth, I felt pins and needles, I felt cold, you name it I felt it.  All the while she was lightly touching me.  How nuts is that?

The second step is the reading after the treatment.  After the session she meets with you and gives you a reading on her findings.  She gave me a reading on my physical body and what she noticed, but she also gave me a reading on my soul, or spiritual self.  I obviously LOVED the spiritual part.  However, even if you aren’t into the hippie dippie spiritual stuff, the reading on the physical body was so interesting and pretty insightful.  When she told me a lot of my energy was going into my left hip, my jaw dropped.  I had surgery on my left hip years ago, and it still hurts when it rains.  I didn’t tell her prior to the reading about this issue or surgery, and yet she still could read that from barely touching me!

My Take-Away

I walked into the Reiki treatment not knowing anything about it.  I also just went in with an open mind but no expectations.  With that said, I had such a powerful experience and I am still feeling the aftermath effects from it a week later.

Here’s the back story, I was in LA for a bunch of reasons, one of which was a family wedding with some pretty tough circumstances (my uncle dying of cancer).  It was a last minute wedding as my cousin wanted his father there.  So needless to say there were a lot of emotions heading into the week.  That coupled, with the stresses of MunSun.  While in the grand scheme of things we are doing really well, I was starting to feel rundown, bogged down, and experiencing some self doubt.  Needless, to say, heading into the treatment I felt heavy, like a huge weight was on my shoulders.

Fast forward to after the Reiki treatment when Emily gave me a reading.  I got up form the table feeling groggy yet lighter.  Immediately lighter, she somehow had moved my energy around so that I sat up feeling more balanced.  That in itself was so helpful and grounding.  Then we sat down together and she gave me a reading.  After the physical reading she went into the spiritual reading.  She basically explained it as being able  to read what the true purpose and path is for your soul.  We then sat for an hour going through what angels came to her, what messages they passed on, and how to follow my destiny.  I wont get into the nitty gritty because it’s too long but,  I’ll tell you what,  I walked away feeling reconnected with my purpose.  It was like a light switch was turned on and I now know I am on the right path and have to continue to trust myself and the process.

Since that reading, I feel more in tune and connected with the universe, my soul, and my mission with MunSun.  Now, lets say you aren’t into the hippie part, that’s fine.  Removing that part I will tell you I still feel the effects.  My body is more fluid, my headaches are gone, I feel lighter and more connected to those around me.  I highly recommend Reiki.  It was so fun and interesting!

Life is all about trying new things even when it seems scary.  I am so glad I had faith in my friends recommendation and gave this a whirl.  You should try it too!

Asheville North Carolina

I recently spent my Fourth of July in Asheville North Carolina. After spending a winter in Palm Beach I kept hearing about Asheville being a vacation spot… It seemed to be a place that was “blowing up,” so to speak. So I headed to North Carolina to check out this new vacation destination. I honestly had no expectations when coming to Asheville as I had heard about it from some of the chic Palm Beachers, and then also from some of my all-natural outdoorsy yoga friends. So what was to be in store? Maybe it was because I had no idea, but I fell in love with this cute little town.

I flew into Charlotte and then drove to Maggie Valley, which is where I was staying (only a short drive from the center of Asheville). I arrived on a Friday and I was very surprised by the traffic on the way. It appeared to be the “Fourth of July vacation destination” for the holiday weekend. As we kept driving west (about a 2 hr 40min ride) the landscape got greener and mountainous. There was a true sense of leaving the hustle and bustle behind as we got closer and closer to Maggie Valley.

As mentioned I stayed in Maggie Valley, which is about 30 minutes outside of Asheville. I was in the most beautiful cabin up on a mountain with spectacular views. Maggie Valley is a town located in the great Smokey Mountains and has that friendly small town character (we’re talking real small). This is a place you would want to go to with close friends and hike, spend time in nature, and spend quality time with the people you were traveling with. Luckily I was traveling with a close college friend and her father who is an amazing chef! So I really lucked out!  Look how cute the house was decorated:

My favorite part of the trip was taking the family 1989 Jeep through the Great Smokey Mountains (check out the @munsunretreats instagram story). It was so fun to explore the expansive mountains with the top down in a jeep. It was truly such a treat!

Now let’s talk Asheville. This place almost reminded me of a Portland Maine or an up and coming Brooklyn. It had so many yummy restaurants to choose from and honestly such great food!  I LOVED the White Duck Taco Shop .  It was such a great casual dining spot with delicious tacos.  We also shopped the most darling boutiques. My favorite boutique was Boutique LP. I bought two things and wore one of the outfits out.

This sign was inside the Taco shop and it made me laugh.

On my last night we went to the renowned historical and luxury resort, Grove Park Inn. We enjoyed sunset views (my favorite), yummy cocktails, and some cheese. Apparently the spa here is to die for and they recently spent millions of dollars renovating it. I want to go back just to check out the spa.

All in all Asheville has a ton to offer. It’s a great place to go to getaway from it all. You can’t help but relax when mountains, sunsets, and nature surround you. This coupled with the cute town of Asheville where you can get that small town feel but still find great restaurants and fun shops, makes it a true gem!

Pro's of Airbnb

Don’t get me wrong; there are times when a resort hotel is the way to go. There’s nothing better than staying in a nice hotel, with room service, pool service, and a nice concierge helping you with your every need. With that said, there are some great times to get yourself an Airbnb. (I would also like to note when I say Airbnb I am referring to Airbnb, VRBO, and all the other services out there).

Reason #1

You have an overnight stay in a city before flying off to the next.  This is when you get a quick, easy, cheap Airbnb.  May I also add this is a nice option for the gal that doesn’t do hostels (because that is often me).  At this point all you need is a place to lay your head and perhaps grab a bite. Save your money for the final destination, and grab an Airbnb.

Reason #2

When you are vacationing in a city you want to get into the vibe of a city, into the culture, and feel the energy of it. If you are staying at a luxury hotel, how do you get to feel like you are apart of the city?  You are so clearly just living the tourist life.  Also, when you vacation in a city, you are almost never in your room. You are most likely site seeing, going to museums, and walking around trying new restaurants so why break the bank on an aspect of your trip you are spending no time using?  Get an Airbnb when you visit a city, it’s a must!  (Here are some pics of me and my sisters exploring the streets of Pari.  We were able to find a clean Airbnb right in the hustle and bustle of it all… It really added to our Parisian fantasy of living in this magical city).

Reason #3 (last but not least)

You have a big group and you are staying put. Vacationing with the family or friends is more about the fun things that happen when you are together. So why not get a house and do those family meals together, hang in a TV room, use the house pool and create that fun inclusive atmosphere?  (Here are some fun pics of the time me and my sisters took our dad to Salt Lake City Utah for a ski trip for his 60th birthday.  It was the perfect occassion for an Airbnb).

The beauty of the Airbnb’s of the world, is that you can now travel in new ways that fit your needs and budget.  MunSun Retreats is obviously a huge fan of travel and we really feel it helps people get outside of their heads and shine their brightest.  Having Airbnb as an option helps make it possible for more people to travel which is a wonderful thing.  Traveling expands your mind, helps you see things differently, understand and learn different cultures, and in turn makes us all more tolerable of things and people that are different than us.

Majorca Spain

Majorca, Spain is high on my list of places to go back to. I went here with my two sisters for a yoga retreat. While the retreat was poorly run, the location itself was magical and the island is so fun to explore. Soon after our second day on the retreat, we realized we had tons of free time so, we rented a car.  Every morning after our yoga class we hit the road to explore this very cool island.

Deia is where the retreat was held and our first beach stop. The setting was so cool as you had to park on a steep hill and then walk down to a rocky cove with blue blue waters. It wasn’t comfortable to sit on the rocks and it was SOOO crowded, you could barely find a rock to sit on, but the scenery was so different and beautiful, you couldn’t help but ignore all those factors. There were also two restaurants nestled into the rocks. If you could get a seat, it was fun to eat and drink and look over the water. NOTE: mayja jellyfish here. Five girls on the retreat were stung and my sister and I were two of them. She has a scar from her sting.

At some point on the trip we had a catamaran take the retreat goers for a boat day.   This was great to see the dramatic coastlines from a different perspective. It was all so gorgeous but still so many jellyfish!

Banyabufar was another day trip we took. This was crazy as you had to take at least a 10 minute walk down a steep hill and then a 15 minute walk down very steep stone stairs (so you can imagine the difficulty of the walk back up). Once you arrived down at this cove it was still rocky but there were not as many people here or jellyfish. The waters were also deeper making it fun to float and swim. Afterwards we did the steep trek back up the stairs and into our car. In the small town they had a bunch of nice restaurants all capitalizing on the amazing view from up high. We watched a sunset and sipped rose here. This was a nice quiet spot.

Sessalines was another day trip we took. This is where we finally got to sandy beaches. Again, we went during peak season so it was very crowded but a nice change of scenery to feel the sand under your feet.

The last stop of the trip was Pollenca. We left the retreat early and headed here to stay in the hotel Cala San Vincenc. To be honest we didn’t check out too much of the area because we were busy enjoying the quiet pool, and spa. We walked down to another rocky cove but didn’t spend too much of our days there.  We did however enjoy dinner in the cove for some waterfront dining.


  • When traveling to the beaches or coves pack light. It often involves a long walk so you just need a towel and sunscreen.
  • Rent a car! That way you can explore many places
  • Get ready to take in beauty everywhere you look


Overall rating four stars ****

I went with four stars because it is a touch uncomfortable at times when you go check out the ocean waters and because of all the jellyfish.

Price: $$$$ (it’s Europe)

Food: **** (if you like seafood)

Hospitality: *** (not a super friendly culture but everyone is cordial)

Attraction: The coastlines