Summer is here and it is time to start stalking up on all the summer suncare essentials.  MunSun had some pretty cool suncare partners throughout our travels.  We have partnered with Coola, SunBum, Bare Republic, and of course Kopari.  In addition, we have our guests take a post retreat survey where they review the suncare provided on that retreat.  So I decided to share this very useful information ;-).  Keep in mind we like to use products that are reef safe and ocean safe 🙂

When it comes to Coola Sunscreen we had some mixed reviews on the body sunscreen but the face sunscreen was very popular among guests.  I’m a sucker for packaging and I just love the colors and packaging of Coola.  That’s why they were one of the first brands we reached out to.  They exude fun and outdoor adventures and that aligns perfectly with MunSun.  Furthermore, with scents like Pina Colada and Mango, they scream vacation.  Also, let’s not forget they are organic products.  Most of the girls on the trip loved all the Coola products.  They were easy to use, smelled great, and lasted throughout the day at the pool with the normal reapplication.  The issues arose when we had a snorkel day.  The waterproof sunscreen did not last as long as a classic sports sunscreen.  Lots of girls got blotchy burns or pinkness from the day.  Understanding that snorkeling all day in Turks & Caicos is not the norm, I would recommend this product BUT, if you are a hiker or plan to be in the sun doing extreme activities I would recommend trying a more sporty product.

Now my favorite Coola Suncare product is the Classic Face Organic Suncreen Lotion.  Again the packaging is so pretty, the scent is that of a tea, and it feels so cool and fresh on my face.  It’s also light, so I have no problem putting make up over it.  That would be my number one product recommendation from the Coola Suncare Line.

In Mexico our guests were provided SunBum products specifically, the Day Tripper bag.  These products are reef safe (not organic) and they last!  We were in Mexico for 5 days with snorkeling, swimming in Cenotes, hiking, and there were no sunburns.  The SunBum kit also included a Lip Balm with SPF as well as a cool down Aloe Lotion.  Both of which we all loved.  I personally always forget to add an SPF to my lips so it was nice to have that included in the kit.  I would HIGHLY recommend this product if you were a doing more extreme activities.  This is by far my favorite body sunscreen.  They also have spray bottles or lotions so you can find exactly what you are looking for.

Bare Republic caught my eye because every retreat I head to Target and refresh our first aide kit, and every time I see Bare Republic products.  So I bought this sunscreen to try because it is cheaper than the more organic ones but it is still reef safe and… I’m not going to lie, the packaging was cute 🙂

So here is my take on Bare Republic.  It definitely works if you don’t mind looking white and albino.  I bought the spray bottle which dispenses white sunblock that you still have to rub it in with your hands.  The sunblock is so thick that it’s hard to spread out evenly.  It also is so thick it’s hard to rub into your body.  The pro is that you know you are completely covered and you have great sun protection.  The con is that you look very white.  I would recommend this sunscreen if you are going on a boat, fishing all day, you don’t care what you look like, and you just want that coverage.  If you are trying to smell cute, and have a nice shiny glow, then go with Coola and if you are doing activities but still don’t want white residue everywhere go with SunBum.

Moving on to Kopari.  My favorite Kopari suncare product is not a sunscreen.  I first became obsessed with Kopari because their packaging is to die for and the smells are delish.  Every girl must try the Coconut Body Glow .  This product is for the busy girl who doesn’t have time to catch some rays.  All you do is squeeze on a dollop of this body glow and rub it into the body part you want to look sun kissed.  I always use it on my shoulders and collar bone.  It has a little shimmer but you don’t end up looking like you used a Victoria Secret body shimmer from the 90’s.  It’s a nice, fun, light product to give you a little sun kissed shimmer.

Let’s face it any sunblock or sunscreen is better then nothing.  I would love to hear about what your favorite suncare products are so please leave comments below.  In the meantime, throw on a hat, sunglasses, and some sunblock and enjoy your sunny summer 🙂