I have been getting more and more requests from our partners for a day long retreat.  I know from experience the longer the retreat, the more beneficial it is for the guests to relax, refresh, and reboot.  With that said, something is better than nothing… right?  Well I decided to find out for myself.  I recently attended “A Getaway Day Retreat” and I thought I would share my findings.

The retreat was hosted by two life coaches I met during my life coaching cerification.  The location of the retreat was at Wentworth By the Sea in New Hampshire.  Let me just say, the website of this property does it no justice.  This was such a spectacular location it took my breath away.  I know that one of THE most important things about a retreat is the setting.  You need a place that evokes relaxation and this property did just that!

After arriving we had a light breakfast and then the retreat began.  We all introduced ourselves with an exercise that seemed very natural (not too kitchy).  We then started our intention meditation work shop which included some chanting! (so fun).  Then we had a break to enjoy the grounds.  After a power walk I had a one on one life coaching session, and then shortly after had a light lunch.  From there the second half of the day activities began.  We had a nice essential oil workshop and ended with some yin yoga.  All in all I had a great day!  I walked away feeling relaxed and refreshed, which is the MunSun mission for all of our retreats.  So this Day Away Retreat hit the mark!

A “Day Away Retreat” IS better than nothing.  I fully enjoyed myself and walked away feeling like it was worth my while.  I had a nice “me” moment in my busy life and did some fun activities I had never done before, like a chanting meditation and making my own essential oil mix!

I will say this though, if you could get away for more than one day then I would always vote for that.  For one, a day is not enough time to make new friends.  I did not walk away feeling enriched like I had connected with other humans on a deeper level.  After the retreat I went to dinner with a few retreat goers.  We had a lovely time and connected for a nice meal but, I don’t think I’ll be texting them later.  Whereas longer retreats result in new friendships that last for years to come.  The other major benefit to a longer retreat is the results last longer.  A week after the retreat you are still feeling those vacations vibes.  With a day retreat, as soon as my first work call came in, the relaxation was a distant memory.

In summary, a Day Away Retreat is the perfect getaway for the busy gal who can’t seem to get a moment in to treat herself.  If you have the option of a spa day or a day retreat, chose the day retreat!  It’s around the same cost and you are not only treating your body but your mind too.