We all know what it’s like when you have a week that is so busy you can barely see straight. Especially before you head off to vacation. I always find those weeks to be the worst because all of a sudden the mani/ pedi is no longer a “me moment” but a chore that needs to be done. So here are my 5 tips to make sure you take a breath in your busy life to soak in the goodness all around you.

5 Tips for Getting That "Me Moment"

Tip 1: Here’s a simple one, wake up 15 minutes early. I know, I know, we all want to just sleep in especially when we are spread so thin but, 15 minutes wont make a difference when it comes REM sleep.

Here’s the KEY to making this work, don’t look at your phone. If you do, you’ll see the stressful work email and jump into action…. so don’t do that. Just wake up, and then do what you want. You can even just lay in bed, perhaps have a cup of coffee laying in bed. You can turn on the TV and zone out, you can meditate, you can maybe even eat breakfast at home. Whatever it is that you want for that “me moment” you can do it in those 15 minutes.

Tip 2: Make the commute that “me moment.”  Some people don’t agree with this one because commuting tends to stress people out. But hear me out. What if you change your way of thinking and think of the commute as your time for yourself? Plug in your headphones if you are a city gal, or put on the radio if you are a car commuter and take that moment to be in your bubble. If you get into a really good podcast (check out the MunSun Podcast), or listen to your favorite album, you will be so immersed in that, you wont realize the crowded subway or the jerk that just cut you off. Instead you will be enjoying your “me moment” commute.

Tip 3: Do that thing that makes you feel grounded. I’ve talked about this before in other blog posts. For me it’s walking barefoot, or putting on my soccer shorts and t, sometimes it’s just eating Haribo Gummy bears. Whatever is that quick and easy thing you do to feel grounded, do it. Because not only does it ground you, but it gives you that sense of doing something for yourself so it falls in that “me moment” category.

Tip 4: Going back to the point of the mani/pedi being a chore. When we are so busy all of the sudden the things we do to treat ourselves for that “me moment” become something we HAVE to do so we look best on our vacation or for our meeting etc. So this goes back to changing your mindset. I would say go into it with an attitude of gratitude. Go into the mani/ pedi with the mindset of I chose to get my nails done.

How lucky am I to get my nails done. Chose that whacky color you want to try, or chose your all time fave color… whatever it is chose to have an attitude of gratitude. Chose to make this time a “me moment”, and chose to enjoy it.

Tip 5: Last but not least, say no! What a crazy idea!  As women we so often, say yes and think we can “squeeze it in,” or that some outside factor is more important than eating a meal, or getting a good night sleep. It sounds so simple, but the amount of women who skip a moment to take care of themselves and put work, friends, family, or a relationship first, is more common than you think.  So start to feel comfortable putting yourself first and saying no. This honestly should be tip #1 and the only tip because if you master this, you wont feel like you need to squeeze in “me moments.”.  So here’s what to do, take a look at your weekly calendar.  If you are noticing there is no time in there for YOU, start saying no.  You have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of anything or anyone else.

If you have trouble putting yourself first or listening to your inner voice and your own wants and needs consider a life coaching session with MunSun.